Septic Inspection Services Ottawa, Ontario

An assessment of the septic system will attempt to determine if the tank and tile bed are functioning at an acceptable level to allow for its continued operation without sewage effluent ponding in the tile bed area, over the tank or backing up into the house.

The investigation will describe the type of system installed at the house and provide comments as to capabilities. In addition, maintenance issues will be determined and outlined for continued optimum performance.

The evaluation is limited by the information provided and what is evident from the test holes. Although every effort is made to determine factors that could be affecting the sewage system, its operation will vary according to seasons, influenced by climatic conditions, and by its use. Without being able to monitor the system under the varying conditions, its functionality can only be estimated based on observations, knowledge and experience.

The Septic Inspection Report

The report will include full details about the soundness of the septic system and will include a drawing of the location of the system. The septic inspection report summary includes recommended repairs and best practices that will extend the life of the assessed septic system.

Probe Testing

The septic inspection will locate the “key” elements of the system (septic tanks and leaching fields) and determine if they are experiencing hydraulic distress (meaning the septic tank and fields are flooded).

Evaluate pipes, excavate suspicious areas

Every aspect of the septic system, tanks, weeping field pipes and distribution box are examined, as well as wet areas in the leaching field or adjacent areas.

When combined with a home inspection, the septic inspection is done by a team in order to reduce total inspection time. There is also a $150 reduction in price if both inspections are completed by this company at the same time.

Our Septic Inspectors boldly go where few men dare to go!