Home Inspection

    • The Roof

    Roofs can be comprised of many different types, shapes and materials all have one goal, shading the rain, the snow and even the light from your precious belonging. There are many things that will have an effect on the roof of your future home. Things like material, Asphalt shingles, Metal Roof, Clay Roof, Slate Roof Etc. As well as the quality of the installation and off course the age of the roof system.

    • The Exterior

    The exterior or building envelope is exactly that, the envelop that provides security, the barrier that lets you sleep with tranquility knowing that there is something protecting you from the outside world while you are at the must vulnerable, asleep. So, making sure that the envelop is intact and in good working conditions for you before you buy the hose that you want to call home, is my business.

    • The Structure

    The structure is the part that provides stability, literarily if the structure of your home has no stability and is crumbling or settling or falling down. Your life will have no stability because you will always be worried that your house is not structurally sound. Therefor, before you do anything rushed, let me make sure that when you decide to buy you are well informed.

    • The Attic

    Contrary to popular belief, the attic is not just the dark and scary place where mice, squirrels and other rodents would call home without paying you rent. No the attic actually has a purpose in the intricate system of a home or building. It is there to provide a shield between you inside and the frizzing cold of a winter’s night or the searing heath of a summer’s afternoon. It needs to bread an attic with poor insulation and or poor ventilation is a poor part of that intricate system.

    • The Interior

    Each and every room in the house plays and important part in this system. This is where memories are made, so if some one tells you that the aesthetics of that drywall encompassing a room is not important when it comes to a home inspection that some one is wrong, the silhouette of a hallway or the contours of a room are going to determine whether you call it a house or a home.

    • Plumbing

    Plumbing is considered to many the must disgusting part of the home. But the same could be said about our colorectal pipes where the body secretes the waste. And so you can see that plumbing is an integral part of the house system and making sure that it is going to function properly when you need it, is essential.

    • Electrical

    The electrical or power lines in the home is like the central nervous system in a body. In our modern societies it is impossible to survive without that electrical pulse that make everything in our home function, much like our bodies would not be able to survive without those electrical pulses transmitted by our nervous system.

    • HVAC

    The HVAC system is the system that brings out the name a “cozy home” in a house. It is the system that makes us run inside for some warm in a cold winter’s night or run for some coziness in a blistering summer’s day. If the HVAC system is not working as it should then that coziness disappears and desperation settles in. It is my job to make sure that, system is working properly on the day of the inspection.

    • The Basement and or Crawl Space

    The basement and or crawling space, looked upon by many as a dusty, moldy, smelly place. A well ventilated basement could very well become a functioning component in this system but you have to take care of it. Much like you take care of your feet, because if you ignore them you are going to have dusty, dirty, smelly feet.