About Doyle & Galdamez Home Inspection & Septic Services

Home & Septic Inspectors in Ottawa, ON

Reg Doyle

Reg Doyle is the patriarch of Doyle & Galdamez Home Inspection and Septic Service.

He worked as an environmental officer for the Ministry of the Environment for over 30 years dealing with all source of environmental problems including sewer plants and designing and approving septic systems. He holds many certifications including,

  • Certified Civil & Environment Engineering Technologist (OACETT)
  • Registered Home Inspector (OAHI-CAHPI)
  • National Home Inspector (NHICC)
  • National Certificate Holder (CAHPI)
  • Licensed septic Installer (OMHMA)

Nelson Galdamez

Nelson has been working side by side absorbing every bit of knowledge that he can from his now dying mentor before everything dies with him Reg Doyle for about 5 years. Acquiring an invaluable amount of knowledge that many of his competitors lack. He holes many certifications including,

  • Home Inspector Diploma from Algonquin College
  • Certified Master Inspector, CMI (CMICB)
  • National Certificate Holder NCH (CAHPI)
  • Registered Home Inspector RHI (CAHPI)
  • CHI, CPI, (InterNACHI)
  • Licensed Septic Installer (OMHMA)

Tim Doyle

Tim has worked alongside his brother Reg Doyle working on the septic inspections for over 15 years he is a Licenced Septic Installer (OMHMA)

Trevor Clark

Trevor has no accreditations as of now but don’t let his lack certifications fool you. He has been working alongside Reg and Tim for over 15 years and his knowledge of the workings of a septic system surpasses that of many competitor septic inspectors, he is currently undertaking the courses to become a home inspector and working under the supervision of Nelson Galdamez. He also plans on becoming a licenced septic installer obviously.